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Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Assalam u alaikum 

Today I want to share a very beneficial information with you guys. Although it is a long post but you will thank me later :). This is specially for a lot of people out there suffering from stress/depression/anxiety and general weakness. This particular food remedy is equally beneficial for general weakness in kids and grown ups and helps them perform well mentally and physically. So, come on you guyz!

Recently I was looking for some natural/herbal remedy for stress and anxiety and I came across a few beautiful ahaadeeth about barley and a dish "Talbinah (porridge)" that is made of coarsely grounded barley grains. Some people make this dish with dry roasted barley powder that is locally called "SATTU". Following are some important narrations I've found about barley Talbineh;

 A'ishah (radi allahu anhu) would say (to the women),"Eat of it, for I heard Allah's Apostle (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam) saying, 'The Talbina soothes the heart of the patient and relieves him from some of his sadness.' "

Sahih Al Bukhari Volume 7, Book 65, Number 328

And also;

It was narrated from A'ishah (radhi Allahu anha) that “You should eat the beneficial thing that is unpleasant to eat: Talbinah,” meaning broth. If any member of the family of the Messenger of Allah (sallAllahu alayhi wasallam) was sick, the cooking pot would remain on the fire until one of two things happened, either the person recovered or died.
Sunan Ibn Majah  Book 31, Hadith 3572. Classed as Hasan by Darussalam.

So, I decided to try it for at least 40 days as suggested by elders. I started making Talbinah daily for breakfast and my kids loved it and so did my husband. I noticed upon asking that they don't get hunger pangs before snack/lunch time anymore and this porridge is keeping them full a little longer and gives them instant energy. Also their digestive system stopped complaining because of the major cut in white bread and processed cereals. And believe me even after a few days there are major changes in my husband's mood and I am also feeling great. This barley soup/porridge is very helpful in weight loss (Ladies point 😀). 

Seeing all above benefits I thought I should share it with a few people so that they will also get these benefits. So, friends I am putting together the recipe of Talbinah below for you guys to enjoy and remember me in your prayers. 

Here goes;

Recipe (Time: 45-55 min)

1. Take half cup of coarsely grounded barley and dry roast it for a few minutes and then rinse under running water. 

2. Pour 2 cups of water in the washed barley and cook it on low flame until it gets thick and grains become tender (don't forget to stir every now and then).

3. Pour 2 cups of milk in the porridge and cook for 10 to 15 minutes more(stir stir).

4. When it becomes creamy like kheer, turn off the flame. Its ready. sweeten it with honey or brown sugar.

5. Kindly do not put white sugar as it will spoil the nutrients. It is best taken with honey. 


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Thursday, February 23, 2017

I strongly believe that we all deserve a particular span of "me" time during the day to get hold onto life peacefully. This special time should be spent doing something that we love the most like crazy friends' meet up, salon visit, horse riding, reading, writing, singing, sleeping (guys' best "me" time), wandering, gardening, Gym etc. The key point is that you have to forget about all the thoughts and worries of life for that little moment and just indulge purely in it. 

Well, I have a lot of things mentioned above those I'd enjoy in my own time but WORKOUT is my main thing that will give me instant happiness and a fresh feeling about myself. My workout normally includes Walk, Jog and YOGA (most of the time). I don't like those intense bumpy jumpy kind of workouts and strength training. YOGA helps me to connect with my soul (literally, no bluffing). YOU GOTTA TRY IT MAN! 

There are a lot of gyms in Karachi offering yoga sessions but after visiting many such gyms I realized that almost none of the instructors have proper knowledge of yoga. Everybody focuses on "weight loss" which is one of the reasons I never ever went to a gym for yoga. I started Yoga with a very CUTE aunty's personal home yoga studio in PECHS many years back when I was in university and she gave me pretty good idea about the game. Since then I am doing it on my own with the help of online yoga videos. Here is the BIG THING that I am up to these days and its REALLY amazing. 

3 years back I came across this beautiful yoga instructor Adriene Mishler online. She is unlike others very pleasant, professional, doesn't show stunts like other western yogi's and preach peace in her training. Her youtube channel has a lot of free short yoga series for different levels from beginners to advance. I'd recommend you to start from "Foundation of Yoga" if you are total new otherwise you can choose according to your level. 

The best part is, she offers FREE 31 days of BEST yoga classes each year in January (I am attending since 3 years). Although you have to register for this YOGA CAMP before January to get daily youtube video alert but once uploaded its available forever. This year I started a little late for the REVOLUTION program (different title each year) and today I did my Stability Practice day 7. I am enjoying this part of my life a lot and it is helping me to stay healthy and fresh through out the day. 

So,who is with me? share your thoughts in the comments below and lets try to "FIND WHAT FEELS GOOD" together. I'll see you guyz with daily updates.

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Lets find Inner peace :)
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Monday, February 20, 2017

Assalam u alaikum and Hey there 😄

This is my first post of the year 2017. 🎉🎉🎉🎉 I know very late but better be late then never show up.

Since after winter vacation I have been involved in a lot of crazy things at home and related to work although I am not working full time but I AM working somehow 😀 [self employed without salary]. Motherhood is also a full time job guys.

So, there were exams, not mine 😀 but it felt like my own exams if I count the number tension headache I got while persuading kids to practice. After that we'd been on a couple of short trips outside Karachi and then there was this hibernation period of mine during winter season in the city. And since the weather in my beloved city is back to its Auqaat which is the usual garmi so I was all set to be back on track. 

Now I also have started a very exciting routine for which I might be looking forward to few online friends to join me from the comfort of their lounge. Details are coming ahead...wait up guys!

Take care 
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