My new Abayaat

Friday, June 19, 2009

WOW!!! finally i have got my two SELF DESIGNED tailor made abayas.

First one is front open abaya with buttons from top to bottom and the Fabric is satin silk and I got it crystalized on sleeves and front line. Shela is made of very fine black chiffon.

Second one is my favourite!!!!!!!

this abaya is two layered. Internal layer is made of Crepe and upper layer is made of chiffon on which the embroidery is done. I have spent days to get this embroidery done with fine details. And it came out so beautiful that i cant express.......

Shela is made of same chiffon material and it has no embroidery.

Embroidered Sleeves

closer look

More close!!!!!!!!!

hope you like my abayaat. I will post few more tailor made abayas of mine inshaAllah........

take care you all lovely people.......Allah HAfiz

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  1. mashallah those abaya are beautiful!!

  2. Salaam alaykom sister: BTW, you are my first "Sister's Blog" feature

    check it out. MashaAllah sis. Jazzakallahkheiran for sharing.

  3. Assalamu alaikum, beautiful abaya, the white is my favorite too

  4. Salam alaykum.. MasyaAllah the white one.. Lush!!

  5. Mashaallaaaaaaaah realy are soooo beautiful :) i loved them,hope see more works soon,insha allah

  6. Mashallah the white would make a pretty wedding dress too! I love the sequined lining and it goes so sweetly with your figure dear. Very, very pretty!

  7. @Lisa: Main idea behind this abaya is same as yours. I was having difficulty when go to any wedding. I dont want to take off my abaya in wedding but cuz of relatives i had to :( then i put efforts to create this kind of abayas so now i dont have to take off my abayas in wedding cuz i wear only abayas i mean with clothes under :P......

    @Pixie: Love you sister... jazakAllah for featuring my creation....

  8. mashalla sis the white is quite nice somethin' different :)


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