Hijab and dandruff!!!!! Any link???????

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

I dont know!!!!!!!!!! Its like i have been caught by this hair monster ....... is it cuz of hijab???

I use to wear hijab for the whole day like a lot of you ladies out there and I use to get little dandruff that I usually get rid of by using some anti-dandruff shampoo or oil but this time its scarily increased :(..........i couldn't believe it when i brushed my hair yesterday with a comb instead of brush and it came out all white and my sis said that i have this little fungus grew at the back right at the nape of my neck :( awwwww what should i do with this?????

please friends!!!!!!!! advice me some good product or remedy for this problem. i m really in trouble and feeling itchyness in my hair. besides, i change my hair color almost every 6 months using a hair dye.

looking forward for your responses........

take care
May Allah Ta'llah bless you all

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  1. Umm no i dont think so, since I never got dandruff coz of my hijab. Try these things :-

    - Comb your hair twice a day
    - Drink LOTS of water
    - I'd advice not to use hair colors since they damage the hair. Use henna which is natural or try finding the color product called "Vegetal" which is much better than the ones that are in the market.
    - Any deficiency in your diet?
    - Try being stress free.
    - Google online for easy home remedies for dandruff.
    - Try washing your hair every other day.

    Prolly, other sisters can add to it. Don't worry insha'allah it will be fine. Oh and yep hair care is important! There's a hadith in which Rasoolullah sallalahu alayhi wassalam said "Whoever has hair, let him honor it" or something to that effect. The hadith No is 4163 but i need to check if its from Bukhari.Will check out the source and let ya know!

  2. Assalam u alaikum sister habayeb,

    Thanks a lot for giving such a gr8 bunch of tips. I am also persuading myself to give up hair color for something else like hina.

    i do wash my hair daily in summer and twice a week in winter.

    i have got an easy tip for dandruff and that is about oiling. It says that you have to oil your hair by using coconut oil with some lemon juice in it. and wash it after couple of hours. I hope it will work.

    Thanks again
    Fe Aman Allah

  3. I got dandruff, and eventually needed Neutrogena T Gel shampoo. One time, I even had a prescription for antibiotics when I wore hijab, it was so painful.

    But, I've also had dandruff without hijab. It really could be just too much product sweetie.

    I wash my hair everyday, and if you use conditioner all the time, like me, that could be the problem.

    Try the T-gel, it rocks!

  4. Lisa: hmmm.....too much conditioner could be a problem for me cuz I use conditioner almost after each wash(i didn't realise it uptil now) thanks for highlighting the point dear.

    i will try the shampoo.

  5. Yes, I think this is it. The conditioner is very drying so just do it twice a week. I know it's hard, I'm sort of obessive compulsive about everyday! Love you and hope it works out!

  6. farah from malaysiaMay 20, 2009 at 1:27 AM

    Assalamualaikum sis.if the dandruff is getting too much,i suggest u try ketoconazole shampoo.which u leave it for 10 minutes everytime before u wash ur hair.when your dandruff is too much to handle,you should use it every other day.but if the condition is improving,then you could just use it twice a week.i am not sure what is the commercial name of this shampoo in your country.it could be nizoral or dermazol.this shampoo, u can buy it at the pharmacy as it is an antifungal shampoo.hope that helps.

  7. thanks farah. i will look for this shampoo inshaAllah.

  8. salam,

    oil is a good idea. if you don't like the strong scent of coconut oil, baby oil works pretty well too.

  9. soo which colour??

    i think red!! for dark hair/skin

    or a little blonde highlight wiht pink??

  10. Tea Tree oil is good for dandruff/dry scalp and also for beating fungus. It has a strong smell, but helped me when I had ring worm on my leg from a stray cat.

    Also I would definitely suggest trying to use less conditioner and it also helps to switch shampoo and conditioners. I use to use panteen all of the time and it gave me dandruff/ flaky scalp because it built up around the roots of my hair. I try to switch shampoo every time I buy a new bottle as it seems to keep my hair pretty healthy and when I do use conditioner I make sure I rinse it ALL out really well.

    hope this helps!!


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