My 2 years and 10 month daughter cleared an interview.......

Monday, March 30, 2009

Hi Guyz!!!!!!

Yeah!!! they call it an Interview with the child who is a candidate of Pre-Nursery(Pre school)........

Forms were submitted in February. Interviews (Both kid's and parents') held in the end of March'09 i.e. last week and guess what!!!!!!!!! yesterday i received a call from school that "Congratulations!!! your daughter has been selected."...........Alhamdulillah.

I like one thing about this interview that they asked every small things that will help the teacher to get some idea of kid's mood, health, interests, issues and this is very important for every kid to have a good link with the teacher.

Well, today I have got the Admission fees voucher (Oooopssss!!!!! these private schools charge like hell) but, Alhamdulillah, everything is settled now.............

I feel very sad seeing the fact that not everyone else can afford good education of the child in my country and a lot of kids grow up having very less/no education. Please Ya-Allah provide everything to everyone on earth (sounds crazy!!!!!but I wish that, so, no one will be sad on earth) I feel really depressed every time i see something bad happening to muslims arround the world.......

Ya-Allah help muslims........give them wisdom and enough strength to fight evil forces........ Inner Peace!!!!! Bye.

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  1. How much exactly do these private schools cost?

    Masha'Allah Mabrouk for her entry!

    New to your blog! :D

  2. Welcome to my blog...... :)

    Here in pakistan an average private school takes $100 (8000 pak rupees) per month fees and more as you go up....This fees is other than the amount spent on extra curricular activities and books and stationary etc....

    Although there are a lot of government schools are working at low feeses but the quality of education is not very good to be honest.....University level and Prfessional educaiton is very good but junior and high schools are not.

    I hope things will become better in education sector in pakistan.

  3. Asalaamu alaikum!

    Thanks for commenting on my blog Najm! Its so nice to meet another muslimah horsewoman :)

    I haven't tried riding in an abaya yet--how do you do it, do you cut a slit in the back? It sounds way more comfortable than riding in what I do now (layers and layers!)

    Nice blog, sis Masha'Allah :)


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