Ramadan is almost going.......

Friday, September 26, 2008

Assalam u alaikum everyone!!!!!!

it's been a long time since i posted here. My tough routine(managing job, hubby and daughter) hardly allow me to write anything. Still i manage to read lots of other sisters blog cuz it makes me happy to see other girls doing what i wanted to do and i enjoy a lot reading their blogs and the way they update us hijabis with the latest fashion trendz while respecting the limits we have to observe as hijabis.

Today is the 25th night of ramadan and i am trying to observe it by doing adhkar and reading serat-un-nabi (s.a.w) cuz unfortunately i can't pray for some reason just like some other sisters. my sis
beautifulmuslimah just posted a very good advice for the ladies suffering like me specially in the month of ramadan. Thanks Alix..........GOD bless you!!!!!!!

I am taking a break to get the sleepy sahar out of me cuz i have to observe till suhoor inshaAllah. My habibi has gone with friends to a darsgah (a place where they use to gather for adhkaar and get religious lectures) to pray and observe the night and my princess is sleeping peacefully though she is having fever and cough these days (May Allah ta'llah give her good health soon) i m very upset for her health.

Please pray for me that Allah ta'llah forgive me for all my sins that i made in this month and accept my fasts. I know i didn't get enough from this month because of my worldly busy routine. I am very upset on this, my work timings are not reduced cuz we work with our UK office and my daughter demands all my time when i reach home till she sleeps.

anyways, i think all working mothers feel the same. ok, i think my princess is getting up, so, i better go see her and continue dhikr as i was doing. I will b posting regularly inshaAllah from now onwards.

see you guys
Fe Aman Allah

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  1. Yes ,it almost going..........
    selam for you!!!

  2. walaikum assalam!!!
    happy eid-ul-fitr to you and ur family. May Allah ta'allah bless oyu with all his bounties on this Eid. i saw ur blog and its very good. keep it up dear!!!


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