Me @ work........

Friday, June 26, 2009

Assalam u alaikum sisters,

This is me @ work in the cafe area.......

I am wearing a black front closed abaya. I gave it simple design on sleeves as you can see in the following pic. The edges of sleeves are decorated with black crystals(very few of them). I got the shela ready made and decorated it with some beads on both edges.

take a closer look on the sleeves

More Abayas are coming........sorry for posting very less and in long breaks. My work doesn't allow me to do frequent posts :( but i am trying to pull out sometime for this inshaAllah.

Hope you like my work (and my tailor's work)

Fe Aman Allah

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  1. salam sis:) wow looks so cool.:))
    looking forward for more

  2. I love the color and pattern on your hijab too. You have incredible taste!

  3. Thanks Lisa!!!!!

    I will inshaAllah show you a lot of my creations and selections time to time very soon. :) Thanks for appreciating me

    Fe Aman Allah

  4. Salam sis,
    Its lovely,but hard to find abaya in Malaysia... =(


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