First Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, January 30, 2009

yeah, this was my first friday without work after a loooooonnnnnggggg time. It was quite relaxing over all. i received my daughter at the door when her school van brought her back at 2pm then gave her a warm bath, dressed up her after quite a while. It feels very nice when you dresses up your cute daughters :) then i got ready for friday prayers and prayed at home instead of office prayer room....Alhamdulillah......... for last 3.5 years i had said my prayers at office and i specially wanted to pray in a relaxing mode when it was friday.

dont know i am going to do another job or not yet..... hubby wants me to stay at home like this forever so that i can be with my daughter and i agree that she needs me but i also need to work. no problem, i will get a way inshaAllah.........

Nuvairah(my daughter) is feeling very happy since i am not going to office and this is helping me to encourage myself about my need at home..........

anyways, will see you with another experience soon inshaAllah!!!!!!!!

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