Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Assalam u alaikum Sisters,

It was a looooooooonnnnggggggg break!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeah? I am so sorry.

But i came back after going through a lot during this period. lost my unborn baby (2nd), lost my job and ended up doing nothing. But ALHAMDULILLAH I have a beautiful daughter 2 years and 6 months old. May Allah Ta'lah give her long happy and beautiful life in islamic ways. Anyways that is what Allah Ta'lah chose for me and i hope there would be some gift waiting for me from Allah Ta'lah. I am happy alhamdulillah.

Currenly, I am hunting for a new job also continuing my technical studies. I am a Software Engineer by profession since 5.5 years. An you know people in my field would become outdated and rusted technically if they won't learn new tchnologies those are coming each day............ :) difficult though but for a computer passionate / edict its like food.......

Anyways, Practicing to become a housewife after 3.5 years of my marraige :) very cumbersome. I am very bad at managing home chores. I wake up early in the morning and after sending my child and his father to school and office i usually sit on my notebook(laptop) and then.....i forget everything. Thanks to my maid who does half of that for me every morning (cleaning, dish washing, dusting and laundry) and after she leaves, i take over......infact my mother in law takes over....Ooooppppsss!!!! then what do i do? see, thats what i am trying to say that there is nothing much to do at home except for cooking......OMG!!!!!!! i feel frustrated sometimes......

I want a healthy activity untill i find my real target.....wait a sec!!!!!!!! idea!!!! why dont i start with a Gym? offcourse a ladies Gym yaar.........ooookkkkkk....lemme call a couple of nearby gyms.........atleast i will b distracted for a few minutes.

ok, lemme go check these gyms, while you surf arround :) see you again more often now......

Allah Hafiz

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