Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Yar! Khadi p sale lagi hey, Winter sale khatam ho gai ab to Gulahmed ki year end sale start ho gai, poorey saal ki shopping ker li mein ney to, bas yeh next week CAMBRIGE p sale start ho gi aur phir Black Friday Sale to must hey na.....And it goes on and on.

Aren't we going round and round trapped in this endless chain of sales? It is not that I don't like anything that's mentioned above, BUT, since recently I have started getting bored of all these bombardments of SALES and PROMOTIONS of Clothes, Kitchen Stuff, makeup, bags, shoes etc. etc. 

How many clothes do we need at the same time? How many shoes? How much makeup? how many bags? well, there is no end. We never ask these questions before jumping blindly into an already mad crowd to get ourselves pushed and insulted just over a SHIRT that was on 50% sale. And after getting many of those cool bargains we come back home like a WINNER (although tired and pissed like nothing but oh, don't worry I've saved load of money). You know What, after each of these sale trips we get A LOT of stuff that we don't even like and just bought because it was on big discount and was looking cool IN THE SHOP. Gradually It moves back in the closet and eventually we end up handing it over to the house maid or charity. 

The other day while sorting out my closet I realized that a poster image dress of Gul-ahmed I got from last lawn season is too fancy for me because it's duppatta was really heavy to carry. And that fabulous jeans from fifth avenue is not my color and those T-Shirts are made of mixed fabric, not for Karachi summers. O.M.G! I almost forgot about this winter Jacket that was really expensive but beautiful and I wore it almost NEVER. So many items like these made me embarrassed and I wowed to myself that "I WILL NOT GET ANYTHING FROM SALE FOR THE REST OF THE YEAR" and I am positive, its only one month dude.

Oooppppssss, just this last one! you know Sapphire's sales are killer 😄 (not because of huge discounts) because of the killing smell and chokingly suffocated atmosphere (pata naheen itney mehngey perfume log khareedtey kyoun hein jab lagatey naheen hein to 😠). YUCCKKK!! I almost threw up at the door when I reached and just took a U-turn and peacefully got my other stuff done, offcourse I didn't come for the sapphire sale only 😁😁😁. 

see you next time,


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