Fantabulous Remedy for Skin Pigmentation

Saturday, December 03, 2016

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If you are a skin care freak (like me) and having small skin issues every now then, then you are in my group. I use to have this clear NO-MARKS-AT-ALL skin until I had kids. After delivery I started having this monster skin issue that is called "Facial Pigmentation". Although mine is a very lighter version (Alhamdulillah) but still it bothers me like Hell and sometimes I get depressed, like literally.

I saw different dermatologists during last couple of years and all of them recommended different things from creams and lotions to compressed sprays and all. I won't say that nothing worked because things ACTUALLY WORKED but very slowly and now I have almost a couple of invisible marks and spots left that can easily be taken care of. So now, I have decided to use only authentic herbal remedies on my skin and after a lot of experiments with my mom's recipes I have found something that actually seems working for the lightest melasma condition

Liquorice powder (Mulethi in urdu - see above pic)
Cuttlefish bone powder (Samandari jhaag - see above pic)

First of all, where to get these herbs? well I got'm from Farzana Dawakhana at KDA Market Gulshan. you can get from the one in your area.

I took equal parts of both powders and mixed with enough glycerine to make paste, also added a little Rose water for fragrance (I cant stand the typical herbal smells). Just apply this on the face, hands and neck. It worked wonders for mild discoloration and dark spots. 

Note: The key to battle with pigmentation is SUN BLOCK(The only common thing recommended by all dermatologists). Put on your sunblock the minute you are out of the room in the morning and reapply after every 3-4 hours depending on the SPF specially when cooking.

Have a happy skin.


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