Am I taking Halal Multivitamins?

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Hello everybody!!! 

This is REALLY SERIOUS matter for all Muslims who are using Imported Multivitamin (Dietary Supplements) and other imported medicinal Products. As a Pakistani I never bothered to think about Halal and Haram because "dude!! I live in a Muslim country and everything we consume has to be Halal". well, not any more guys......

I always force my doctor to prescribe imported medicine as we don't trust even our best pharmaceutical companies for quality and to be honest local multivitamin never worked for me. My friends kept telling me to get GNC dietary supplements and Centrum and other popular imported ones. but somehow i never took that seriously until....

A few months back I went to my dermatologist for some skin issues and she recommended some very good vitamins and some Evening Prime rose and Vitamin E soft-gel capsules named "Fresca Rose". I got those imported products from Times Medicos near stadium. When I came home and was reading the ingredients casually I figured out that those soft gel capsules (outer shell made of gelatin) are made of bovine gelatin and since i knew there are different types of gelatin used in the medicine Porcine: extracted from pork, Bovine: extracted from beef and gelatin extracted from plant sources. 

I had no idea whether bovine gelatin present in imported medicine is Halal or Haram so I decided to email SANHA (South African National Halal Authority) to inquire about the matter (at that time I didn't know about SANHA Pakistan). People at SANHA replied me as follows;

             "Bovine gelatin is extracted from beef/poultry sources but since the slaughtering of those animal is not being done the Halal way so, anything obtained from those sources is not Halal."

so, I said "Astaghfirullah" and threw the whole packet in the bin. Since then I started making sure that any product I am buying (specially Imported ones) are halal.

Following are very good links that I use to educate myself to check the Halal status of everything I buy. 

Some Imported Halal Vitamins for your convenience, please feel free to tell me more halal vitamins if you have used them;

Same goes for cosmetic products and we will discuss that in my next post InshaÁllah.

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