BLOGGING!!!! Hobby or a Business?

Friday, November 25, 2016

YES!!! BLOGGING.... you read it right. 

I was thinking about it since quite a while, NOT about blogging itself but the way people are taking it up these days. I so wanted to put this piece of my mind down somewhere so i thought why not BLOG itself :) 

Ain't it a good idea to talk about BLOG on the BLOG (yo man I am good), So, lets do it.

When I started blogging back in 2007, it was a time pass for me, I was doing a full time job as a software engineer so having a blog was a way to show bharam among workmates. never thought of actually promoting my blog and getting any monetary benefits (in fact didn't know about it at that time) ✊. Anywayz, over the time with kids (I have three cute kids), full time job and home it was ignore and almost forgotten and I just came back to it after every few month to keep it alive. But, I was positive during all those years that someday, I might be able to find some peace to start taking this space as my personal corner to snuggle into my own thoughts about the world around me. Since I am no longer working full time so,


enough about my blogging story...dude i got nostalgic. Since I am a crazy reader ( I read everything) and that obviously got me interested into other people's blogs on the internet and that's how i got my new hobby (reading and browsing good blogs out there). After spending a lot of my precious time..funny?, I wasn't running an enterprise but as a MOM I get very limited reading time during the day so its precious for me at least, I figured out that Blogging is gradually becoming a proper BUSINESS in Pakistan . Well, there is no harm in blogging being business, in fact, its feels really awesome to see fellow desi's taking time out to write about really unique and sometimes social taboo topics and also earning something. It also encourages new writers to come up front on a ready made platform. 

Talent will always find its way....

Below are my observations about the growing blogging field in Pakistan (or should I say craze? leave it..);

  • There is a misconception that blogging is JUST about Making Money. 
  • Blogging is ladies field unless there is a political guy out there to step into it.
  • Most of the ladies (except a few ones) are blogging about Makeup, jewellery, clothes, shoes etc.
  • bloggers keep posting reviews to market things they don't even like just for the sake of money.
  • blogs about Beauty and Food are increasing like virus spreads in English movies.
  • Its really difficult to read a good blog if the reader has to search the matter between so many blinking ads, it really hurts :(

I think, we need to slow down and mull over the real purpose of writing a blog. Pakistani bloggers are just coming up in the game professionally and I hope we always find good blogs to read about every topic ranging from funny trips to weird places to some really good serious topics like TheDesiWonderWoman is doing. I really like her way as she has taken it up to a professional level. 

Best of luck to all fellow bloggers....

and yes, don't forget to leave a piece of your mind in comments :)


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